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Men's Ministry

Men’s Ministry exists to unite men in a confidential and safe environment making each man a reflection of the character and person of Jesus Christ through the study of His Word while building relationships that will provide personal accountability, opportunities for service in the home, church and community.

Our desire is to develop honor, character and integrity within our men through the study of God’s Word. Thereby passing these same traits on to their family members by their Godly lifestyle––To help men understand who they are in Christ. Bringing understanding of a man’s position with God, his roles according to scripture within his family the church and community.

Women's Ministry

Titus 2:3 Speaks of the older women in the church giving Godly life guidance to the younger women.

HFC Women’s Ministry goal is to help all women achieve a closer walk with Jesus Christ in every aspect of our lives.    This group is a safe haven for women of all ages to come and share, learn, experience and grow through many activities and events.

We invite all women to come and share with us so we can build each other up in Christ.

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Childrens' Ministry

In Children's Ministry we teach our kids the importance of God's Word (bring your Bible!); the importance of giving not only of your tithe but of your time, gifts, and talents; and that Jesus Christ is real and alive today and that he died on the cross for them! It is the goal of our Children's Ministry that your child has a real encounter with Jesus Christ! There is no greater joy then teaching children the power of God and helping them to trust God, at the earliest stages of their life, for and in all things!

Youth Ministry

In "The Den" youth ministry, we have a great time learning about God and develop youth into young woman and men of God. With events and activities we have a good time developing close friends who encourage each other to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

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